Company that owns Zuccotti Park–where Occupy Wall Street began–owes $139,000 back taxes.

It’s true.

[More about where Occupy is going, sometime tomorrow.]

[Update 12/10/11: The big questions I have are these:

All the complaining that the anti-Occupy far right did about how much the Occupy encampments were costing in overtime have disappeared, now that it’s come out that Brookfield (the owner of Zuccotti Park) wasn’t paying taxes. Why?

As you know, Brookfield gives over Zuccotti, as a “privately owned park” for public use. It looks like, as a “privately owned park”, they still owe taxes on it (as owners, right?).

Yet, here we have a report that they aren’t paying the taxes.

Do you think that Zuccotti Park really is not so much a gift to the people of New York City, as it is developable land in inventory, where the developer wants to piggyback the property’s maintenance costs on to the rest of the public? Similarly how corporations in New Jersey plant corn on their farmland holdings, in order to be “farmers” and get “farmland assessment”—when in fact it’s just the real estate holdings of big corporations, waiting for the right chance to be developed . . .]

[Update 12/10/11 #2: I am surprised that no one at Brookfield Properties has come out with advertising that builds on the goodwill of, ehem, “hosting” Occupy for those several weeks . . . Build on the goodwill that Occupy has in the general American community, especially in the progressive Northeast.]