Obamacare website delays, this is what I mostly get: the dead-end white screen

aca website screen of wonder.bmp

The white screen of wonder. Healthcare.gov accepts my User ID and password, I get a momentary message indicating that my credentials are good. Then, I am sent to the white room of the website. After that, I make no progress, and have to try again.

I mentioned that, once, the other evening, I actually got in to get the application going. HHS took a lot of information—and apparently had a lot of information, mostly from a credit report, I gather. But I was not able to shop plans or prices. (I know what the value of my federal credit will be, so price is not so much a concern as what plans are available in Lancaster County.)

Have you had success at getting all the way through? Through, even to getting a plan? I bet the number is less than 1%. I bet the best you get right now, is to get the application started.

HHS has made the point that this program is going to be VERY popular. Point made. I feel that even the Republican radicals understand this, which is why they are employing their contemporary tactic of doubling down and getting crazier.

How hard is it to link in more server space and get people beyond the white screen? Can’t they borrow server capacity from the NSA?

3 thoughts on “Obamacare website delays, this is what I mostly get: the dead-end white screen

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. I plan to wait to apply till the tech is debugged and running smoothly. Are there live people who can help you apply in person? Former health insurance brokers, for example?

    1. I suppose there is the “live” route, too. But I suspect that there is a wait list on that method as well — since the water goes where a route opens for it to flow. The real problem is that ACA or Obamacare is much more popular than the planners realized. We knew it. They apparently didn’t.

  2. I have tried to apply since the marketplace opened. Everyday! I finally got through tonight around 11:30 and got as far as entering the info about family ,section five, even though I am the sole person requiring the insurance to get off cobra. There is a glitch I am told by the live chat representative that many are encountering at this point but I am told that “you have until 12-15-13 to get on board and no coverage until 1-14 anyway.” They don’t seem to realize there are many others like me that have been waiting months to apply. This is so frustrating but I can only hope that soon the problems with the program overloads will be rectified and we can cross over to the “promised land”. Thank you Hoofin for keeping us informed and encouraged.

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