Bridgewater-Raritan’s ever-changing superintendents (Why don’t they stay? Would you even want some to?)

More on this school superintendent thing

I think this is a near-complete list of the B-R Superintendents since the 1960’s:

Harmon Wade, 1959?-69

Emmet McWilliams, 1969-74

John Murphy, 1974-78

Robert Kearney, 1978-81

Cummings Piatt, 1981-84

Robert Schiller, 1984-1987

Richard Horowitz, 1987-1992(?)

Joseph McGarry, 1992-1999/2000

Stephen Sokolow, 1999-2002(?)

four interims mentioned in Messenger

Christine Kane, 2003 – ????? (months? years?)

Bridgewater-Raritan district is a good district despite the administration (and the board). Otherwise, it is some bad joke—-a plaything for the clique of 9 board members to reward friends and buddies with administrative jobs—or a vehicle to advance their own kids’ interests within the school district, to the detriment of the other taxpayers.

What assurance is the public being given that this latest switcheroo is in the best long-term interests of the taxpayers and the students?

It would be nice to see an authentic list of the many superintendents published in a newspaper, so that the general public has an idea how this B-R has been a conductorless box car careening down the hill for many a year.

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