“Fuel Efficient Girl” Heidi selling those cars – you go girl!

Nissan Note’s current ad campaign running in Japan.

Totally wild! Made me think about the Heidi Game for some reason.

More when I get a chance.



The Heidi story has been made into a couple of movie, but one that is more familiar to people is the 1968 one that interrupted a late season (American) football game between the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets.

The story in short: The Raiders-Jets game was being broadcast nationwide on NBC. For some reason, the game ran longer than expected, and NBC was to run “Heidi” at 7:00 pm. So after a commercial break shortly before 7, the network started running the movie.

Before the break, the Jets were leading the Raiders 32-29, with very little time left on the clock.

But after NBC cut for the movie, the Raiders scored two touchdowns (14 points) in the final minute or so. And ending up winning.

Most sports fans in America only found out during a bulletin in the Heidi movie—at the exact time that Clara (ku-ra-ra! in the Nissan commercial above) loses her wheelchair and tries to walk.

Heidi Game news bulletin

So viewing sports fans got screwed out of one of the greatest sports comebacks in history. And Heidi fans had their emotional moment interrupted by a sports bulletin. Nobody won! Except the Raiders maybe, only to lose a few weeks later.

This was the famous season that ended with Joe Namath and the Jets inevitably winning an upset in Super Bowl Three, on January 12, 1969. (My fourth birthday, by the way–I am usually one year ahead of the number!)

The Heidi in the ’68 movie was a blonde, but the original Heidi was brunette.

I think I met one Heidi in my life. Probably born around 1968, or nine.