More on the topic of driver woes:


As you know, New Jersey is a “no fault” state that requires everyone to carry coverage. (“No fault” of course, means that the insurance carriers will pay the claim regardless of fault. But I was once told, by a dopey-know-it-all, that “no fault” meant that when there was an accident, “it was no one’s fault!”)

Someone remarked the other day, that “no one covers the damage done by the uninsured drivers!” Would it also surprise this individual, that about 1/6 of the drivers in New Jersey don’t carry any coverage? So every sixth car . . .

It isn’t exactly true, that the damage done by these one-in-six is not covered by anyone. If you are like me, you also carry the “underinsured/uninsured” coverage.

Well, guess what?

Yes, that’s right. The person who is paying the uninsured’s insurance bill for them is YOU.

You pay your risk, AND you pay their risk, too. For them. Or else . . .

Pretty slick, huh?

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