It’s been a while since #PaulHastings made an undisguised visit.

February was the last time they announced.

Someone was in, this afternoon, for a 145-page download, originally keying on IBM.

It’s funny, because meanwhile, in New York, the partner in charge of the case was faxing out letters meant to indicate that their client is confident it can beat discovery on New York jurisdiction, and otherwise get its Rule 12 motions that were dismissed in May. This is apparently so, even though the news is that IBM Japan has a new president who was sent there out of New York. (So: “exchange of personnel”, “degree to which parent corporation interferes with selection and assignment of subsidiary’s executive personnel”, “degree of control over the marketing and operational policies, etc.”)

We have been talking in the Japan expat blogosphere about how the internet serves as a weak proxy for face-to-face communication when there are disputes. It’s sad that Paul Hastings has previously refused to dialogue, and not responded to e-mails, but has routine time to go in and find out what I have been saying to our small community.