Feds investigating Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law.

From Politico.

As it should be, in the least. Recent reports have said that close to 10% of Pennsylvania’s eligible voters do not possess an ID which would be acceptable, under this goofy new law, at their local polling station.

Even more, a state official was caught bragging that the purpose of the new law was not to combat (the nonexistent) voter fraud, but rather to deliver the state to Mitt Romney. [Update: The braggart was Republican leader Michael Turzai.]

Basically, the man said the law was meant to rig the vote.

The Pennsylvania ACLU already has an action going in Commonwealth Court, and you know my views about the quality of our courts here. (They suck.) So that one is a hit or miss. Having the Obama Justice Department finally looking into what the Republicans in Harrisburg have been doing is added pressure on the sorry-assed elements of this state to put voting back exactly the way it was before they decided to rig the election.

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