Temple Law Student Gerald Ung found NOT guilty in shooting.

I picked this incident up a couple weeks ago at Above the Law, and there has been some commentary on Pennsylvania gun blogs about whether Ung acted in self-defense.

Now Above the Law blogs that Ung was found not guilty in the shooting in a trial deliberations that just took an afternoon. The Philadelphia jury said there was not enough evidence to convict Ung of attempted murder.

Inquirer coverage here.

When I look back to being beat up twice in the span of a week, in Philadelphia, in January 1993, I sure wish I had had a gun. At the time, open carry was illegal in Philly. Some people say it still is, but notice that Ung was not charged with, or convicted of, any gun violations. He had a permit issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is recognized by Pennsylvania.

Also, they’re referring to Ung as the ex-Temple Law student, but no one is clear whether he was thrown out or withdrew. Apparently the Lincoln Herbert court case is already forgotten. Although Herbert only received $1 as damages, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals did say that Herbert was entitled to due process when he was suspended from the law school. Temple, as a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-funded entity, was a “state actor” and required to abide by due process.

[More in a while.]

[Update: interesting piece in last Saturday’s Inquirer about what people testified to as to the altercation that led to the shooting.

[Update #2: You can’t spell Ung without G-U-N. Now there you go . . . ]

4 thoughts on “Temple Law Student Gerald Ung found NOT guilty in shooting.

  1. Open carry is legal in all of Pennsylvania except for Cities of First Class (i.e., Philadelphia). However, one can legally open carry in Philadelphia if you have a license to carry firearms (LTCF). Do not confuse a LTCF with a license to carry a concealed firearm because no such license exists in the state of Pennsylvania. No where in the law does it require a individual to carry their firearm concealed. Many police officers will try and tell you otherwise and some of these cases have gone to court – only to rule in favor of the firearm owner. Gerald Ung was not open carrying when he was attacked. He was legally concealing his firearm and had a valid license from VA to carry this firearm. VA has reciprocity with PA in which PA recognizes licenses issued from that state to be legal within the limits of PA.

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I know I was attacked during the Casey Administration, and the rule was changed later in the Ridge Administration. I have never owned a gun, but sure could have used one the two nights I was attacked.

  2. Not familiar with the incident myself, but this comment, Hoofin:
    “[Update #2: You can’t spell Ung without G-U-N. Now there you go . . . ]”
    seems particularly tacky to this uninformed observer. I assume you meant it as a joke, but it’s an order of magnitude below your usual writing.

    1. It’s obviously a joke. If you’ve read a lot of the internet commentary on this altercation (and I have), that crack is Kindergarten compared to some other things being said–on both sides.

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