Nonpartisan elections a threat to Hillsborough NJ GOP

Maybe even more than wards-and-at-large, another reason the Hillsborough’s crony G.O.P. do not want the Faulkner Act: the possibility of nonpartisan elections, at some time in the future.

Many towns have this, some you might be aware of: West Windsor, for example. They elected their mayor in May, installed, like a window air conditioner, in July. Here are a couple you might not be aware of: Newark, Jersey City. (Yup, these are technically nonpartisan—although the Democrat usually wins.) Bret Schundler was an “independent”, not a Republican, when he was Mayor of Jersey City.

When Bridgewater had the nonpartisan form of the Faulkner Act Mayor-Council, our elections were in May. (Hoofin wore a smaller size of shoe at the time, so “our” means Bridgewater.)

Mayor Al Griffith (“independent” but really a Republican) was elected May 1975, and Mayor John Morrissey (“independent” but really a Democrat) elected in either May or June 1979. (I forget if there was a runoff in June that year.)

So nonpartisan was great, right?

Not to the County G.O.P.!

What happened was that, suddenly, the G.O.P. party strength out of Bridgewater in the November elections was less. For example, in November 1979, what was the big election to get people out to vote? Assembly??

So a number of G.O.P. voters sat home that November.

And a Democrat won a seat on the County Freeholder Board.

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