The now-famous Obama Situation Room photo.

This is the picture that has everyone talking this week.

What is going on in there? What are they looking at, at that exact moment? How come Hillary Clinton is much more prominent in the shot than President Obama? Who is that woman peeking in from behind the other onlookers?

I wonder why the White House took the photo. I wonder why the White House released it.

It looks like the most un-staged photo op that has come across from Washington in the last 20 years.

[Update: To me, it looks like an essay in Midwestern humility. I have heard the comment around, that the powerful people in the Midwest of America don’t have to go around all brash. Look at Buffett, for example. Plus, that the President had upbringing in places where you don’t have to stick out in every situation (Hawaii, Indonesia). I think that’s what I like about this picture: speak softly, and carry a big stick. This is something very familiar to America, but something also that we haven’t had the luxury of being governed by in some time.]

11 thoughts on “The now-famous Obama Situation Room photo.

  1. The President looks just like the man-child he is. He was dragged in off of the golf course to watch the operations that Leon Panetta put into effect.

    1. I guess that’s the base, right-wing talking point on this one. I would say that the President looks youthful, like Kennedy. I do think the fact that he is off in the corner looks interesting, but for artistic reasons that I am sure you would not appreciate.

  2. “Off in the corner” like a little child being punished is my artistic reaction to the picture.

    1. You make no sense. In what way is Obama being punished there? It looks like he is watching a screen just like everyone else, and could get up and do what he wanted, just like anyone else. Especially, more than anyone else, since he is their boss. If anything, he can move about the room more freely than anyone. Yet, he lets the camera person take the picture as is, and release it.

    1. Mike, I am for the open internet, and you saying what you have to say. But at this stage, it’s clear: I like Obama, and you do not. So I’m going to, you know, let your comment come up, but cut it off here.

  3. Fair enough. For the record, I am unafilliated and lean towards Libertarian. Arguments that are based on Obama is better than Bush are, in my opinion, worthless.

  4. Who is that woman peeking in from behind the other onlookers?

    Info from another site says she is Audrey Tomason, director of counter terrorism.

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